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Business Email Compromise Risks

An old scam that keeps reinventing itself with new victims. Don’t become one!  You’ve probably heard the classic business email compromise (BEC) scam about Nigerian princes who want to deposit money in people’s bank accounts—but first need their prey to send them money to make it all work to plan. It’s an oldie but goodie. Unfortunately, it’s also one that keeps reinventing itself along with another batch of unwitting victims. In…
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Are Mobile Devices Safe In Regards To Cybersecurity?

Mobile devices/Smartphones have become ubiquitous – everyone’s got one!. Many of us have them in hand or within reach, 24 hours a day. According to survey results published by Reviews.org in April 2021, Americans check their phones 262 times per day—that’s every 5.5 minutes. In February, a Statista survey found that nearly half of all…
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Watch Out For These Cyber Vulnerabilities

The Idea Of Hacking Into A Water Treatment Plant To Poison The Water Supply For A Whole City Sounds Like Something Out Of A Spy Movie. Unfortunately, it’s really not that hard to do in many cases. Here is an example… In early 2021 the FBI released a Private Industry Notification urging private companies, federal…
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Work-From-Home IT Solutions

Covid-19 is causing an enormous amount of problems and most companies are asking people to work from home. But many companies are suddenly finding that they are not setup to accommodate everyone in a secure and reliable manner. If you fall into this category, give EDM Automation a call at 757-500-5054. We have affordable, secure and reliable…
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