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Server, PC, Printer, Maintenance

Servers and network hardware can be very burdensome and it takes experience and expertise in order to keep the them running properly. Additionally, all hardware can be vulnerable to down time without preventative maintenance and proper management. Use our services, as needed, to free up your and your staff to work on the important job of running your business.


Back-up and Disaster Recovery

Back-up is by far one of the most important consideration for any business. We believe in hard drive redundancy, local and geographically different back-up locations. We offer many different packages at different price points for bullet-proof disaster recovery.


Email Services

Email has become a major part of transacting business and as such, you can't afford for your email to be down. We offer email management solutions including Exchange and Gmail alternatives.


Internet Failover Solutions

Businesses today are benefiting from the many advantages of cloud based enterprise services. These benefits do however require a pervasive Internet connection. Our solutions automatically detect access issues with primary connections and provide automatic failover to a secondary Cable, DSL, or 3G/4G/LTE network connection to avoid service interruptions.


Virus and Malware Removal

Viruses, malware and other malicious software have become increasingly sophisticated and plentiful. Some varieties can disable your security and virus protection while others invite more malicious software and can lock you out of your computer completely. Chances are you won't be able to totally get rid of them completely without professional help and you could spend quite a bit of time trying only to find it back again. We can remove malicious software completely and permanently.


Wireless Network Issues

Wireless networks have become a big part of office environments. The quality of your wireless network is directly related to several factors like the power of your wireless router, access points, your office size and construction and many other factors. The good news is that you don't need to be the expert, EDM Automation can provide seamless access from room to room.


Connectivity Issues

Whether connecting to your netork or connecting to programs, databases or any peripheral device, problems can happen. EDM Automation quickly troubleshoots the problem, fixes it and we will help you to eliminate the problem in the future by optimizing your setup and configurations.


Eliminate Slow PC Problems

Remember when your PC was fast? You got so much more done and you were not frustrated. Well you can regain the speed and efficiency with a tune-up from EDM Automation. This is not your run of the mill tune-up, this is an in-depth PC maintenence and system overhaul that will leave you smiling and get you back to working fast and efficiently.