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New equipment and software

WiFi Mesh Is Here!

WiFi Mesh is Here! Wireless technology has just improved substantially thanks to a technology called wifi mesh. We were extremely pleased that one of our favorite manufacturers, Ubiquiti, was first to come out with an outstanding offering called Amplifi. Ubiquiti is well-known in the business class enterprise grade wifi arena but this new product is…
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Synology Network Attached Storage Devices (NAS)

Synology, makes these NAS appliances (network attached storage) that really replace old-school file servers. In it's basic form, you can buy the NAS with an assortment of options for how many hard drives it holds. The ultimate configuration for performance, redundancy and safety is at least four drives. Synology makes it easy to arrange the…
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All About Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems are becoming more and more important as businesses try to manage theft, vandalism and all sorts of fowl deeds. Surveillance systems consist of IP cameras strategically placed inside and outside of businesses to watch certain areas in both the daytime and night time. There are however, many questions that need to be addressed…
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PC, laptop and technology buying service

Are you looking for a new PC, laptop or printer? Are you not quite sure what you need or what you want? Do you want to make sure you get the lowest prices? If so, then let me introduce you to our PC and technology buying service. First of all its FREE! secondly, we help…
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