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PC, laptop and technology buying service

Are you looking for a new PC, laptop or printer? Are you not quite sure what you need or what you want? Do you want to make sure you get the lowest prices?

If so, then let me introduce you to our PC and technology buying service. First of all its FREE! secondly, we help you determine what you need in regards to features and performance and coolness. Then finally, we use our resources to help you find the best sales and promotions from all over Internet so that you get the lowest prices. We buy in volume so we get special promotions but we also have special pricing aggragators that check for the lowest prices all over the Internet.

We provide guidance and advice at no charge and there is no pressure to buy anything. You can use our service just to shop prices because we help you to compare accurately features and performance. We take the confusion out of buying technology and we help you buy what the technology that is right for the job.

Benchmarks are key component to comparing and buying technology at the right prices. We help you to understand what features are important, which technologies are new and or old, and we answer questions like whether you can get by with less powerful components.

For bargain basement deal hunters that will consider refurbished, open-box, or scratch 7 dent items, we help you to buy from reputable vendors, understand the warranty and know the right action to take in case there is a problem.

We can help you find the best deals on the following ...

Personal computers - mini, small form-factor, desktops and all-in-one's
Laptops - tablets, two-in one's
Network attached storage devices
Network equipment
and so much more...

Call us direct at 888-336-6540 or email us at info@EDMautomation.com or click here to get a link to our buying service request form.

Lee Nelson
Senior Solutions Architect

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