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The 6 pillars of an awesome managed services plan

The 6 Pillars of an awesome managed services plan...

  1. Monitoring and management agent
  2. Business-class security suite
  3. Backup and disaster recovery solution
  4. Help-desk – remote and on-site
  5. Automation – automation for productivity
  6. Happiness Guaranty

If you don’t have the above in place then you are losing money in time, productivity security, growth management and you risk losing priceless data and the integrity of your security. If you have an IT company then you should have all the above and if not, please consider EDM Automation for your IT needs.

EDM Automation has made a splash with our innovative approach to computer network, server and desktop care. Clients are raving about the elegant and powerful solutions that are included when working with EDM Automation on any level. They enjoy trouble-free networks because we set things up right up-front and embrace a preventive maintenance approach to IT management. When issues do arise, clients love our fast and competent resolution of any issues, whether its computer or server related, network related, printers, software or anything.

IT management does not have to be expensive, it just requires the right approach and our six pillars of an awesome managed service plan provides unprecedented benchmarks for customer satisfaction. Please continue to find out more about the six pillars and what they mean by reading below.

  1. Monitoring and management agent
    1. Hardware monitoring: alerts that tell us about problems before they arise and automation of time-consuming tasks.
    2. Microsoft patch management and scheduling prevents inconvenient update issues and problem installs.
  2. Business-class security suite
    1. Not consumer but business class, not one but five components. Enjoy state of the art business-class security from multiple vendors including Webroot Business and MalwareBytes.
  3. Backup and disaster recovery solution
    1. A real backup solution consists of the following…
      1. File back-up: for quick retrieval of individual files
      2. Image backup: a complete copy of your operating system, software programs, drivers, settings and all data.
      3. Versioning: if you backup a corrupted or an infected file then you have an original and backup of a file that will do you no good. Versioning allows you to go back an hour, a day, a week or a month ago to restore a good file.
      4. Servers: servers should go a step beyond and have a tested backup in a virtual file on an appliance that can be up and running within minutes of a hardware disaster with the option to spin it up from a cloud-based location in the event of a geographical disaster.
      5. Redundancy: redundancy is having multiple drives create the backup where any one drive can fail without affecting the others.
      6. Offsite backup: A copy of the backup in a geographically different location that can be quickly taken to the original location and mounted quickly as there would be no downloading delays.
  1. Help-desk
    1. Convenience: we provide a “Chat” icon right on your desktop for anytime, super-quick help with any issue. Out techs can hop on your computer with your permission to fix issues. Additionally, you can call our support line and our technicians will answer typically within four rings.
    2. On-site: some problems can’t be fixed remotely so we always have an on-site team ready to help you. remote and onsite help options makes the difference.
  2. Automation
    1. Automation for productivity is our hallmark
  3. Happiness Guaranty
    1. As they name implies, we won’t stop until you are happy. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we built our business on it.

If you are not happy with the state of your technology and you really want to grow your business then give EDM Automation a call at 888-336-6540.

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