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The New MS 365

Microsoft Office 365 is more powerful than ever before and the use case is expanding dramatically as companies become more mobile and in need of better collaboration solutions.

How good is it, you ask? So much so that even the company itself acknowledges its traditional desktop Office application as an inferior product. It seems a bit odd that the maker of both products would be disrespecting one of their own but they no doubt see the writing on the wall. Cloud based applications like Microsoft 365 are taking over because its so easy, they work most all the time, upgrades are included but even more compelling now is that with the advent of mobile computing – all kinds of products can be tied together and work in perfect harmony no matter where you are located and no matter the time.

The truth is many people are surprised to discover just how much you can do with Office 365. I recently had a prospect that had been somehow convinced that they needed to buy a server just to have control over their email, and another who is thinking about hosting their email with their IT provider, both of which are bad ideas. For you geeks, Microsoft Active Directory can actually be handled from 365 at no cost, which begs the question – does a small company even need a physical server anymore?

Another important aspect of the package is that it's delivered by Microsoft, so you never have to worry about stupid stuff like having one guy throwing everything into chaos by leave the company or having the entire system wiped by some hacker.

Will Microsoft 365 solve all your problems? No, not hardly but it is really bridging the gap. From an IT perspective, I know the limitations and some of the potential pitfalls, you can really benefit greatly from a product family like Microsoft 365 but I would highly suggest that you talk to an IT professional about all the ins and outs first.

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Lee Nelson
Senior Solutions Architect

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