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EDM Automation creates mobile solutions for you in as little as a few days - not weeks or months. Now you can affordably get mobile and desktop database access to your own personalized CRM systems, inventory management, event attendance tracking, and just about anything else that can think of to help you save time and money, including ways to get signed contracts quick, get a grip on what is done and needs to be done, eliminate bottlenecks and get paid faster!

We can integrate state of the art technologies for barcode scanning for inventory and documents, delivering notices and alerts, tracking goals, and much, much more.

Nowhere else will you find the versatility, ease-of use, security, reporting and reliability in a compliant cloud-based mobile-ready platform at such affordable pricing.

EDM Automation designs elegent time-saving solutions for you and we manage and support them remotely and locally - something you won't typically find with other vendors.

Here is a brief list of some of the features...

  •     Dashboard that displays progress of your goals based on real-time data
  •     A full CRM solution with modules that include accounts, contacts, calendars, jobs and tasks, inventory, quotes, invoices and much more.
  •     Access from anywhere, anytime - from desktops to iPhones, iPads, Android devices and more.
  •     Quickbooks Integration
  •     Easy migration of data into and out of our systems
  •     Credit card processing
  •     Barcode scanner works on an iPhone - checks inventory received and delivered in real-time, no uploads necessary
  •     Integrates data from forms
  •     You name it - we can do it!

Learn more about our custom mobile-ready solutions and see the difference it can make for you.

Local & Remote Support

Low Cost To Implement

Our mobile-ready Apps are very affordable and easy to implement. They are optimized for iPhones and iPads but work equally well on Android devices or in any web browser. Our mobile-ready systems offer compelling value and often are the best way for an organization to cut costs and manage productivity.

Imagine solving the worst time-consuming problems potentially in a matter of a few days. Empower your people in the field to collect signatures, receive payments, track delivery and so much more. In house you can get a handle on your inventory and even create your own POS system.

Fully Featured and Versatile

Our mobile-ready solutions are can be configured to solve most any business data flow problems, with a long list of capabilities that used to be only reserved for the biggest companies. Now we can bring it to the small and mid size market so that it's affordable to any business or non-profit organization.

Excellent Support and Training

World-class support comes with EDM Automation business solutions along with friendly help and training at no additional cost.

Case Studies

Check out the companies below and see how they have incorporated our mobile-ready solutions

Non-Profit: National Council of La Raza

National civil rights organization working on behalf of Hispanic–Americans. Based in Washington, DC employs about 120 employees.
They use our mobile accessed database solution for event management, online registration, donation tracking, contacts management and to share data over the web.

Blueprint Capital

Blueprint capital originates loans for construction. Each loan has paperwork that must be signed and managed in order to get to settlement in the shortest amount of time. our solutions incorporate tools to gather and bundle loan information, audit the components, notify people when they arrive or are completed and much more.

We have case studies for every industry and business type. Use the contact form on this page or call us direct at 757-500-5054 to learn more.

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