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The Earth's natural resources are vital to the survival and development of the human population.However as we progress technologically, we see a high level of consumption and exponentially increasing waste.

Shockingly, 80% of all used inkjets and lasers go straight in to landfills where they produce almost 1,000 tons of unnecessary pollution that can enter our waste stream every day and take between 500 to 1,000 years to decompose, despite the fact that they can easily be recycled.

EDM Automation is committed to preserving the environment by reducing non-biodegradable e-waste in landfills. We practice industry leading, closed-loop recycling measures and implement zero-waste policies, reclaim as much usable material as possible and follow earth-friendly, end-of-life processing for all collected items.

We Make It Easy To Recycle

FREE Pick-Up In Hampton Roads Area

We make it easy to recycle, with free pick-up in the Hampton Roads, VA area. You can email us, call us or set-up monthly or bi-weekly pick-ups. cell phones, computers, printers or IT equipment.

We collect the following...

  •     Toner and Ink cartridges
  •     Cell phones
  •     computers, servers, printers and IT equipment, in general

Buy-Back Program

Some E-Waste items have a recycling value and this can be fairly significant, especially in large quantities. EDM Automation can provide you with current value pricing for a variety of E-Waste and we will pay you cash or donate the balance to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation upon your request.

Good Samaritan Program

It is easier than you think to help save our environment. Now you can recycle, save money on supplies and earn credits towards office supplies or technology services with our "Good Samaritan" program.

Participants get 30% discounts on everyday supplies and FREE computer support just for recycling and being a good steward. For more information on our Good Samaritan program,          click here...

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