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A reliable backup strategy is essential

If anything can go wrong - it will when it comes to business. To avoid disasters, your data needs to be properly protected. Sure everyone's accidentally deleted a file but what happens when all of your data gets erased or is unaccessible for reasons beyond your control? How long can you stay in business if you cannot restore the data? how much money do you lose if you have to stop your business for hours, days or weeks at a time in order to restore data and get your computers up?

This is one area that even the smallest business cannot overlook or take for granted. Proper backup should be a thoughtful process, you need to consider whether you just need to backup files or backup applications, operating systems and drivers (this is image based back-up). If you have mission-critcal data then you need to consider true disaster recovery and business continuity alternatives.

If you do not know what we are talking about, then you above everyone else, should set-up a free consultation with an EDM Automation represenatative who can explain the differences and consequences of ignoring such an important and fundamental process to protecting your business.

The good news is that with the advent of cheaper technology, it is not expensive to put in place a world-class back-up strategy any more.


Servers are complex and require much more sophisticated backup solutions. These don't have to be expensive but depending on the amount of time you are willing to be down, the cost can fluctuate with the fastest restores being more expensive. The are many factors that go into server backup solutions and we have to consider the following...

  •     Type of image and file based backup
  •     Data integrity checks
  •     Incremental and chain monitoring
  •     How to test restores
  •     How to plan for restores on different hardware
  •     Contingency planning for drivers
  •     Are time-based snapshots required?
  •     What is your time-to-restore threshold

We can provide a free recovery-time assessment report for you using our recovery-time calculator. Chances are the cost of a great backup solutions is a mere fraction of the cost of having to start over.

Affordable and Bullet-Proof

Realtime Mission-Critical Backup

Mission-critical backup is for servers and end-points that need to be up and running in less than 15 minutes, even if they are completely destroyed - this requires innovative technology and planning and not your run-of-the-mill backup solutions. This requires constant data verification, automatic test restores, hardware backup, time-based restores and more. You may not need instant restore but you should meet with a professional to know more about what are the differences and costs.

Secondary Backup & Restores

Once you have a good realtime backup onsite, it makes sense to back it up to another location to avoid physical disasters like fire, flood, natural and man-made disasters. Now we must also consider how we are going to restore your data in a timely fashion in case an emergency should arise. A company that has terabytes of data backed up may not know how long it takes to restore it and if they knew - they might realize it takes too long. We discuss these real issues and provide solutions that can have all the data up and running within minutes to hours depending on the program. Don't panic - its not expensive to implement a world-class backup strategy (we promise) and the insurance is priceless.

Versioning and Business Continuity

A backup of a file is one thing but if it is corrupted or not ideal then you may want to see a copy of this file from a an hour ago, a week ago, a month ago or longer. Most free backup strategies do not offer this functionality, which is called by different names, we call it versioning and it is imperitive to combat ransomeware and other cyber threats and it may be very important to your specific needs. You may have other considerations that require better than average capabilities but regardless of your needs - it's covered in our EDM Automation backup solutions.

So in summary, if you want bullet-proof backup and disaster recovery you should consider the following...

  •     Consider what's mission critical
  •     Make sure you have onsite and offsite backups
  •     Consider versioning and restore times
  •     Consider scheduling and testing
  •     Consider whether you need business continuity planning.

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