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Should You Use A Battery Backup?

Storms, floods, fire, and other emergencies can cause productivity loss due to power failure. Utilizing an uninterruptible power supply (aka UPS or battery backup) with your workstations will ensure that you never lose unsaved work and it may help avoid hard power shutdowns on equipment, which can harm computer components. A UPS is a small…
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A New Direction For Passwords

For years, we’ve been told that strong passwords include three things: upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. And why wouldn’t we believe it when every credible security organization has told us that these are the minimums needed to create strong passwords? Here’s why not and how it involves you. The problem The issue is that…
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How Do I Remove Malware?

How Do I Remove Malware? Malware is short for ‘Malicious Software’ and removing it from your computer can be a real struggle. Malware can infect your computer even when you have anti-malware software installed on it. This article will help you protect and clean your computer. Symptoms Do you find your PC is getting really,…
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Major Mobile carrier experiences large-scale data breach

Telecommunications giant T-Mobile is the latest victim of a large-scale data breach, with personal data belonging to more than two million of its customers having been leaked. If you don't don't think it will happen, this is just another of a long string of incidents that suggest it will - if not now, sometime soon. These…
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