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WiFi Mesh Is Here!

WiFi Mesh is Here!

Wireless technology has just improved substantially thanks to a technology called wifi mesh. We were extremely pleased that one of our favorite manufacturers, Ubiquiti, was first to come out with an outstanding offering called Amplifi.

Ubiquiti is well-known in the business class enterprise grade wifi arena but this new product is both consumer and business grade having the best of both worlds plus still remaining affordable.

Let me start by explaining the benefits of wifi mesh. First, people love wifi because there are no messy cords and cabling required and you can connect to the Internet or printers from anywhere. Unfortunately, wifi routers don't always have great coverage so if you have a large building with concrete and other barriers, you often won't get the wifi signal too far. Large homes have the same problem and it is difficult and expensive to get full coverage in every corner of the house of outside.

Until now, you hade to use, often times, ineffective range extenders or try doing it right by adding additional wifi access points. besides being expensive, these additional access points did not always communicate well and people would sometimes lose their connections as they moved out of range.

In comes wifi mesh! Wifi mesh using products like "Amplifi" by Ubiquiti completely solve the problem. Amplifi comes with a visually pleasing base station that will work with your existing Internet router and it includes two access points that don't require cables- just plug them into a wall electrical outlet and WaLa! you have fast, full-bandwidth wifi anywhere and everywhere and you won't get disconnected as you walk out of the range of one access point and into another.

I should point out that the speed rivals cable and the set-up, thanks to the engineers at Ubiquiti is relatively simple. You have two access points that let you move them all around your business or your house to get the best coverage.

You may still want a pro to help do the advanced configuration. These devices are very robust and perfectly suited for business use but that also means that the advanced settings are a bit more than most people will want to deal with. Some of the advanced settings include guestt wifi time-limits and network separation plus band steering, which finds the best channel and band for you automatically.

The price of Amplify is $200 for their good system and $350 for their great system. Both come with the wifi base station and two plug-in access points. if you are interested in learning more give us a call at EDM Automation 757-498-2450.



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