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DiVA Document Management System

DiVA is a very affordable, professional, secure, cloud-based, document management system with a load of included features and EDM Automation is the national marketing arm for DiVA document management system - visit the  website at www.DiVAsolutions.com.

Many small businesses make the mistake of thinking that Google Docs, Dropbox and other similar services are adequate as document management systems and this is true in small volumes but when you get thousands of documents and you want find the most important ones fast or you want to get them out and into another system - that's when the problems start, and it may not be fixable at that point.

Without boring you, I will just say that when you go paperless, you need to have automated tagging of core indexes that can be enforced. These tags are used used to find docs faster and to create a migration path if you ever want to get them out and put them somewhere else.

As I said, some services will work in small volume but if you are growing or plan on growing it is highly advised that you use a real professional document management system to avoid a potentially huge problem down the road. DiVA document management is really not expensive and the workflow features and ease-of-use will pay for itself easily over the free services that have grown in popularity.

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Lee Nelson | Senior Solutions Architect
Certified Digital Imaging Architect+
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EDM Automation

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