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Optimizing Zoom

Seems as though a lot of what's happening today are Zoom meetings. Oh who's kidding who? we all know everybody is using Zoom everyday. In fact, Zoom's most recent figures suggest the platform has 300 million daily meeting participants, compared to just 10 million in December 2019.

Having said that, quite frankly, it appears people need some helpful ideas to make these meetings go better.

So yes, we have some things for you to implement the next time you do a Zoom meeting. I won't try to list all the good ideas I have for you in this post but if you are interested in some very easy and useful ideas for making your next Zoom meeting (or Microsoft Teams) better then just click the link below to instantly get a copy of our PDF entitled "The Zoom Guide"

Click here for your copy of the "The Zoom Guide".

Its a quick read and it may even make your day go better.

That's it for now, don't forget to keep us in mind when you want the ultimate IT service and support experience.

The EDM Automation Team

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