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Work-From-Home IT Solutions

Covid-19 is causing an enormous amount of problems and most companies are asking people to work from home. But many companies are suddenly finding that they are not setup to accommodate everyone in a secure and reliable manner.

If you fall into this category, give EDM Automation a call at 757-500-5054. We have affordable, secure and reliable solutions that are being used by thousands of companies.

There are several ways to accomplish a secure work-at-home solution but there are factors to consider for example, larger enterprises need to integrate access with their authentication services while smaller companies just need access to their pc.  In both cases, companies open themselves up to huge security risks as open access tunnels are created from the outside to the inside and opportunities exponentially arise for breaches.

To assure company security, we recommend a couple things... a secure encrypted access route to your work computer or server and two-factor authentication. If you do not know what two-factor authentication is, then please call us for more information. Additionally, all companies but especially larger regulated companies need to have authentication verified by their authentication system and an archive created that provides an audit trail of user access.

Tight security does not have to be hard and if you work with us - we will make it simple for you. Working from home can be a great alternative and one that can help us clear up this Covid-19 debacle in a timely manner but don't neglect security when setting up your work access or it may come home to bite you.

If you would like more information on work-at-home solutions or if you need help and pricing, call us at EDM Automation 757-500-5054.

Lee Nelson
EDM Automation

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